New Zealand Pure Artesian Spring Water

New Zealand Lightly Carbonated Spring Water.

Located at the foothills of the Mamaku Ranges is the source of HEMA. Emanating from deep below the Earth and rising through ancient rock formations, this huge aquifer, known as the Blue Spring provides one of the world's purest waters at a rate of 43 thousand litres per minute.


Captured at the source, HEMA is bottled and sealed to stringent quality standards and of course contains no preservatives or additives.


HEMA water, sustainable and organic hails a pureness that is poured from one source only. In other parts of the world many bottled water brands come from several different sources.


Our unique point of difference is few bottled waters come from actual springs. Therefore what we promise our customers is that each bottle of HEMA water comes from the same organic source.



Typical Analysis mg/l:

Total Dissolved Solids <129

Potassium 3.86

Calcium 2.62

Silica 77.8

Magnesium 1.47

Sodium 8.52

Chloride 5.7


Bottled at Source by Aquasplash Ltd

Contains no additives and no preservatives


HEMA Water is completely New Zealand owned and produced.

HEMA water is 100% sustainable and organic. We pour from one source only.

Coming soon is HEMA's Eco-friendly PET water bottles.

HEMA is New Zealand's premium indigenous water company.

HEMA's Sparkling bottled range is brilliant as a drink on its own or a perfect mixer.

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